A Review Of Tarutao Treatment For Premature Ejaculation

I quote from their website ( :  "Tarutao™ the easy-to-learn cure for erection problems and treatment of premature ejaculation is no longer a secret of ancient Thailand."

But what is it? It's popular, but does it work? Only one way to find out - buy it and try it....

Tarutao turns out to be a 32 page e-book, of which the first 10 pages are full of simplistic information such as this – a direct quote from the book: "in realizing… that your sexual difficulties lie within your own consciousness, you have taken the first step towards improving your personal and sexual well-being. Sure, your physician might tell you something you didn't already know about your penis, but what is your option here? Penile implant surgery? All use of devices that serve to enlarge the penis temporarily during sexual activity but distract you during moments of intense arousal? And then there is always Viagra, the surefire method to achieve that stood like rockhard erection. But why would you let multinational companies swindle you out of your hard earned money 40s again only a temporary solution?"

It's not entirely apparent to me why an information booklet designed to stop premature ejaculation should talk about penile implants or penis enlargement – or even Viagra for that matter. However, even though the first 10 pages of the 32 page e-book are taken up with this kind of material, all that really matters is whether or not the cure for premature ejaculation, whatever it may be, actually works.

So on page 10 we're told that Tarutao is an ancient natural treatment found in Thailand passed down through many generations of Thai men, and that it is a "program of well-being that encompasses commonsense approach to physical and mental health." Hmm.... not too much about premature ejaculation there, either. Nonetheless, the principle that Tarutao teaches you about your body, and your ejaculation process, and teaches you simple exercises that bring you to a point of greater staying power, sounds promising.

Unfortunately it is page 15 (out of 32) before we actually get onto the content of the Tarutao program, because pages 11 to 14 are full of information about the human sexual response cycle. Again, not completely irrelevant, but not exactly what you paid for, especially as this is not really linked into anything else later on in the booklet....

So then we're told that we shouldn't drink alcohol or smoke, and we should do 20 minutes of exercise at least four times a week. We are told to have a prostate examination regularly. And we're told to use breathing exercises, the instructions for which start "clear your mind of all thoughts – work, relationship problems, daily activities, etc." If you've ever tried to do this, you'll know that it's impossible. Even advanced meditators can't clear the mind of all thoughts.

Then follows 13 lines of instruction on mental imagery and visualization, the essence of which is "close your eyes and concentrate on the point of the exercise and goals you want to achieve every time you're performing the exercises."

But, dammit, what are the exercises?

Well, the next stage is a "sexual fitness makeover". Basically these are PC (pubococcygeal) muscle exercises, which are designed to strengthen your PC muscle. There's nothing wrong with that, although PC muscle exercises aren't, on their own, an effective way of controlling ejaculation. Indeed, all the websites that offer information about "clamping down on your PC muscle" just before you ejaculate, in order to stop your ejaculation, are giving you false information. It's actually impossible to stop ejaculation by contracting your PC muscle. The correct use of the PC muscle during ejaculation control exercises is this: you briefly contract the muscle as your arousal increases. This has the effect of of slightly reducing your arousal and lessening your erection, thereby extending the time before you reach your "point of no return" or "ejaculatory inevitability".

The next section is all about "better erection strengthening" and, I quote, "Muscularity Development". Oh dear. The authors, listed as Dr Ralph Parker, Dr Mark Sullivan, Dr Sarah Dortens and Dr. Nayharn Ayudhaya of Thailand, apparently didn't have this written by an English person, or they didn't check the translation from the original language.... in any event, this doesn't speak of a high quality product with attention to detail. And the fact is that any Tarutao review must take into account all aspects of the product inclduing customer service and the validity of the money-back guarantee.

Anyway, carry on squeezing your PC muscle and "visualize your semen contracting back into your body". It'll take some practice, they say, to which I can only respond – yeah, I bet it will. Why, if this is  a high quality product, could they not have it reviewed by a native English speaker to eliminate gross errors of grammar like this? unless of course, they mean it, in which case it makes no sense.

So, having learned to contract your PC muscle in the way that they suggest, the final six pages of the e-book are all about how you put this into practice. What that appears to mean is basically you maintain a series of PC muscle exercises so that it becomes stronger, by which means you gradually achieve greater control over ejaculation.... hopefully. They also offer some advice, well, to be honest about five lines of information, on such essential information as different sexual positions and sexual techniques. As they so accurately say, "some positions and techniques work better depending on your level of excitement. Generally it is best to move slower when you excited, however, it all depends on you."

Let's put it this way: I don't know if constant work on your PC muscles and nothing else will give you greater ejaculation control, but I seriously doubt it, because most premature ejaculation is emotional in origin. In essence this is the most basic, simplistic, and possibly inadequate set of instructions for the control of premature ejaculation I've ever seen. However, they do have a money-back guarantee, of which I have tried to avail myself. Unfortunately, as you may or may not be surprised to learn, I have yet to hear anything from them. (Order placed 7 November 2012, my refund was requested the same day, request made as per their website instructions, and I'm writing this on 16 November 2012.) I'll let you know if I ever see my money again. I don't like writing negative reviews of Tarutao, or any other product for that matter, but to be honest, this smacks of a rip-off.

They wrote back to me saying I could not have my money back simply because I did not like the eBook. So I escalated the claim for my money to a "dispute" in PayPal. I'll reproduce all the documents here when the matter is resolved one way or another. But I think if you pay by credit card, you may have a great deal of difficulty getting a refund. Out of interest I have also written to them asking for details of where their doctors qualified, and when. I'll let you know what they say....

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