PE Treatment - Condoms
(Delay Condoms With Anesthetic)

The oldest treatment for rapid ejaculation is the use of an anesthetic ointment which is applied to the penis. Although there are many products available on the market which fulfill the requirements of an effective anesthetic to be applied topically to the penis, there has been very little scientific research about how effective they are. SS cream is a product manufactured (in Korea) from various herbs, and is reputed to have a significant delay effect on ejaculation.

Some men who use the alternative topical application of benzocaine or similar anesthetic report that whilst they lose feeling in the penis, they still ejaculate quite rapidly. Although these reports are pure anecdotal, mostly consisting of emails to the authors of this site, this would seem to suggest that the problem for at least some men who are premature ejaculators is not excessive sensory input, but overactivity of the somatic motor output circuits of the brain.

If you search on any reputable online store, for example or, you can find plenty of condoms listed under the description "delay condoms". The question is, do they work?

This condom is actually have lubrication inside that contains a small amount of local anesthetic usually lidocaine or something similar. The dose of course is uncontrollable in that it contained within the condom. What particularly interesting is reading the reviews of these products on the Internet they generally regarded as actually quite effective by the people who bought them, although one to speak of irritation of the glans penis. Indeed, this is the most common complaint about any kind of local anesthetic lotion, but delay condom is have the clear advantage that the anesthetic lotion is limited to the man's penis, cannot enter the woman's vagina, and the fact that the doses actually carefully controlled. They are therefore well worth experimenting with if you feel that you need a quick fix for premature ejaculation. It's impossible to give any general guidance, because the sensitivity of the penis varies so much from man to man.

Nowhere is this more clear that when you come to read the reviews of products such as Indian God lotion, Bull Power, and Extenda Delay Cream - not to mention the oldest of all - Stud 100 Desensitizing Spray for Men.

While the product description of the latter product talks in glowing terms about everyone agreeing that a good sexual relationship is the foundation of a happy life, and Stud 100 helps in cases of early ejaculation, giving both you and your partner "a chance to enjoy making love instead of worrying about it being over too soon", this 9.6% Lidocaine spray, applied to the penis 5 to 15 minutes before intercourse, has some startling reviews.

One man observed that whilst the spray did the job for him, and that it prevented him from ejaculating too early, the only drawback was that he could hardly feel anything because it desensitized his penis he ended up wondering what was the point of having sex if he could not feel a thing! I can report that actually tried this product myself purely in the interests of research, of course! and it actually produced massive irritation of my glans.

I strongly suggest that you use it very cautiously to establish whether or not it is right for you and definitely start by applying only a small amount until you've worked out exactly how much you need. There are many similar products on the Internet, and you would be well advised to read the reviews of them before you buy them. In the case of Indian God lotion, one website concludes this is the type of product that cannot be relied upon, for several reason, not least that it takes significantly longer than similar products to work.

There is another product called Chinese brush oil, claim to be made from pure herbal essences to give you harder and longer erections. It's apparently also designed to reduce penile sensitivity, which strikes me that it's covering all the bases! There are two customer reviews on the retail site which I checked, and looking at them, one says "this does work! It makes you last too long" and the other one says "it's not as good as it claims to be - I threw it out after finding it did not work at all"!

All I can say is this: as far as these products are concerned, you need to exercise discretion and care, take full responsibility for their use, and initially try a small quantity, gradually building up the amount you use so as to avoid any damage to your penis.

In any event, it's very clear to me that numbing the penis isn't a good way of establishing greater control of premature ejaculation even if it lets you impress your partner for the night - and you need to use something that effectively ends the problem permanently, such as Ejaculation By Command - a treatment program for which you can find a review here.

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