How To Enjoy Complete Ejaculation Control - Within Days!


Do You Ejaculate More Quickly Than You (And Your Partner) Desire?

Would you like to enjoy greater sexual pleasure, experience more powerful orgasms, and really pleasure your partner - without ever coming before you want to?

Most likely, your answer to all these questions is "yes". Well, congratulations!

However long you've been experiencing premature ejaculation, this is your opportunity to finally end the problem - once and for all!

Just imagine it - being able to last up to an hour or more in bed before you come..... Yes, that can be your reality, and more easily than you ever thought possible.

But even if you just want to last a bit longer, with the simple, straightforward treatment program on this website, you'll find lasting longer during sex easier than you could ever have imagined - and you'll be able to fully please your partner in bed.


Learning How To Control Premature Ejaculation Is Easy!


Let's face facts. Men love sex, and they also want to please their partners in bed.

But many men just don't know how to stop themselves coming too soon, and so they end up with a sense of disappointment after making love - even when they enjoyed themselves.

Letting a woman down, or not fully satisfying her in bed, matters to a man, and nothing gets in the way of that more than a quick ejaculation.

What it comes down to is this: if you ejaculate too quickly, before either you or your partner is ready, you have premature ejaculation (also known as rapid ejaculation or PE for short).

To put this in perspective, about half of all men come within two minutes of penetration, and a massive three fourths ejaculate within three minutes. This does not give a woman much chance of getting real sexual satisfaction!

But guess what? Sex does not need to be so short-lived, even disappointing. You can control premature ejaculation within days or weeks with a powerful and effective cure which uses proven treatment methods.

And these treatment methods, used successfully for over twenty years by sex therapists, are described in full on this website!

They have helped hundreds of thousands of men to get complete ejaculatory control - and they can do the same for you.

But first, a bit of background. The key thing that defines premature ejaculation (or "PE") is that you have little or no control over when you reach orgasm and ejaculate.

So, if you're seeking a way to last longer in bed, an effective cure must not only help you stop ejaculating too quickly, it must also give you the power to choose when to ejaculate. This is the key to true sexual power.

You want control over your ejaculation so you can enjoy sex for just as long as you wish, whether that's a minute or two of romantic, passionate intercourse, or twenty minutes of enjoyable, long-lasting sex.

At the moment, you probably ejaculate when the urge overcomes you, and you may have little or no sense of control. But the key to changing this is developing the ability to choose when you ejaculate.

At the moment you may find this idea hard to believe. You probably struggle to stop yourself from coming too soon, and then finally give in to what seems like your body's uncontrollable urge to ejaculate - but, believe me, you can make sex go on for much longer - in fact, just as long as you desire.

In fact, you can become a lover with complete control over when you reach orgasm.

And this is the route to complete sexual pleasure for both you and your partner - after all, she wants you to make love to her until she's sexually satisfied. And, if the truth be known, isn't that what you want, too?

To be a great lover with the power to ejaculate just at the time that suits you both?


Last Longer In Bed Within Weeks - Quickly, Easily, and Simply


You know, many men find it hard to believe that a cure for rapid ejaculation is so easy.

They've seen the adverts offering miracle cures, mysterious oils to rub on your penis, herbal potions that claim to delay ejaculation indefinitely, and muscle clamping techniques that make your groin ache - and they still can't prevent themselves from ejaculating too soon.

I'd like you to suspend your natural doubts for a few minutes while I tell you more about how you can learn to last longer in bed.

I know all about this subject - as a professional sexual therapist, I've spoken to hundreds of men with rapid ejaculation over the years (including some who ejaculated long before they got anywhere near their partner's vagina) - and I know which methods work, and which don't.

Forget the mysterious oils and the herbal potions, the spray on lotions and the exotic "spells". They definitely do not work, and you're being fleeced by a sales pitch that relies on your trusting nature - and your desire to be better in bed - to get hold of your hard-earned cash.

The only techniques that work are the ones used by sex therapists. If there was a better or cheaper method, they'd be using that - and no doubt charging hundreds of dollars for it, too! But there isn't.


These Techniques Stopped My Own Premature Ejaculation!


I don't mind admitting I used the techniques of professional therapists to cure my own rapid ejaculation, which was so bad that I came within two minutes or less every time we made love. (Though if I started thrusting when I wasn't aroused, I could sometimes go on for as long as, well, five minutes - but my partner's face always told me just how she felt about my inability to last long enough during sex. She was not, I have to say, very happy. But then, neither was I....)

And here's the most surprising thing about premature ejaculation: it isn't hard to control it. The only thing you need is commitment - that's to say, a few minutes devoted to the cure several times a week.

But the fun part of this is that you get to practice with your partner and this will be good foreplay for her and a great way to get closer in your relationship.

Getting greater control over your ejaculation, learning how to last longer, isn't only good for your sex life, it's good for your relationship, too!

There are, as you probably know, a lot of websites suggesting how you might be able to slow down your ejaculation during sex and enjoy "Greater Staying Power".

I can tell you, with complete certainly, because I've tried and tested all these cures, that.....

  • Hypnosis alone will not cure a quick ejaculation, but it can be useful in supporting other treatments and reinforcing the effects of particular treatments (like the ones on this website).
  • Herbal potions advertised on very impressive-looking websites are not a cure - they are designed to make the get-rich-quick merchants that bit richer - at your expense. By the way, the herbs that DO NOT work include Yohimbine, which is actually a compound used for increasing libido and may make you ejaculate even faster. It also produces some rather uncomfortable side effects, like a pounding heart and feelings of anxiety.
  • Pills, pills, pills..... if only it was so easy! There are plenty of bogus pills out there, sold from "ejaculation control" websites, complete with pictures of "doctors" designed to make the sales pitch look more convincing. However, the images come from photographic libraries and cost a few dollars to buy. Come to think of it, that deception represents pretty well the ethics of the owners of those websites.
  • Contracting your PC muscles just before you ejaculate - those are the muscles around the base of your penis - is not a way to stop yourself ejaculating, as you'll know if you've tried it. Several websites offer cures based solely on this method, but it doesn't work and actually ruins both the intensity of your orgasm and the pleasure of your orgasm. Try it yourself next time you want to stop yourself ejaculating - you'll find it's impossible to stop yourself ejaculating this way. However, even if you can't stop yourself ejaculating, you can slow down your approach to orgasm by using some of these muscle control techniques. I explain how on this website.
  • The squeeze technique has been around for years. It involves a rather painful squeeze on the glans of the penis just before you reach orgasm. This reduces your desire to ejaculate, perhaps not surprisingly, but do you really want a painful squeeze to your glans every time you come near ejaculation? And who wants to pull their penis out of a warm vagina only to get a short sharp shock like this? (By the way, it also makes your erection wilt.)
  • The stop-start technique is another one many people have heard about. A great way to bring the squeeze technique up to date is to make it part of sex play. Surprisingly, and happily for all you quick-comers out there, it actually works.
  • A cock ring that fastens around the base of your penis will not stop you ejaculating too soon, but your penis will remain erect for some time after you have ejaculated due to the blood trapped in the penis by the tight band. This may mean you can continue thrusting for a while after ejaculating, although many men find their glans is too sensitive to allow this. However, a cock ring will not, on its own, delay your orgasm, or help you to last longer before you ejaculate.
  • Anesthetic cream, whether applied directly to the penis or used inside a condom, is a most unpleasant (and usually ineffective) way of controlling sexual arousal and ejaculation. When I tried this, I discovered that although it made my penis numb, and so took away most of the delightful sensations of intercourse, it did not actually help me to last longer in bed. It did not increase the length of time before I ejaculated, the time between penetration and ejaculation. And as if all that was not enough, after sex my penis skin felt quite inflamed for a few hours.
  • Finally, the least hopeful solution for getting greater staying power is trying to distract yourself by thinking about your tax return, or the baseball game, which is the sort of advice given to men for years by well-meaning but unqualified people. It's actually the opposite of what you really need to do to be able to go for longer during sex. I explain why this is so - and dispel all the other myths about premature ejaculation - in the members' area of this website. (In brief, you need to be fully in tune with your body, and completely aware of what it's doing while you make love, to stand any chance of controlling your ejaculation. Yet how to do that without losing your sense of being fully present and engaged with your partner? All will be revealed.....)

My Effective Treatment Will Let YOU Last Longer During Sex


To control premature ejaculation you have to "train" your body to last longer before you ejaculate. You can do this by controlling your level of sexual arousal, while not reducing the amount of sexual pleasure you feel.

With the techniques available on this website, you'll find your sexual arousal will increase more slowly and stay below the level at which you would otherwise ejaculate. This level of control means that you don't ejaculate prematurely.

Given the right techniques, it's easy to last as long as you want in bed. You can even last as long as you wish while enjoying oral sex before intercourse.

You won't get so aroused that you ejaculate soon after you've entered your partner. In short, you'll know how to last longer in bed - for men, an essential aspect of being a great lover!

How do you do this? Easy! With a series of simple training exercises - which are fun for you and your partner to enjoy as part of foreplay - so you increase the amount of sexual stimulation you can receive without reaching the "point of no return" and ejaculating.

These exercises also help to maintain your sexual arousal below the point where you would usually ejaculate. In this way, you can enjoy intercourse for as long as you want before you decide when you're ready to ejaculate.

Then, you increase your sexual arousal by simply thrusting harder and faster. Then, and only then, will you enjoy a massive orgasm with your partner.

The important point is that YOU CAN CHOOSE WHEN YOU EJACULATE!

Practice Makes Perfect!

Since you're reading this website, I'm fairly certain that you want to improve the quality of your sex life and last longer. It's also very likely you want to give your partner more pleasure during sex.

You may well be frustrated by the challenges you're having during lovemaking, and you feel you've had enough of premature ejaculation to last you a lifetime.

Great! That's a wonderful place to start from - it's what will give you the motivation to devote the small amount of time and effort you need to use this cure. Is thirty minutes twice a week too much time to spend working on the powerful techniques that support sexual success?

Techniques that can prevent you coming too soon and allow you to enjoy sex for ten, twenty, thirty minutes at a time - in fact, for just as long as you and your partner wish?

If you're in any doubt, just spend just a couple of minutes thinking about what it would be like to have the ability to make love continue for any length of time.

Think how wonderful it would be to pleasure your partner to the full, and to give her an orgasm during intercourse simply because you have the power to last as long as you want.

And then consider this: by discovering how to last longer, you'll be marking yourself out as one of a small number of men who care enough about their sexual performance to develop ejaculatory control.

The gift of being able to make love for as long as you desire will truly mark you out as a man apart - it means you are a lover of quality - the kind of man who is supremely confident in bed, and can take any women to the heights of orgasmic ecstasy during sexual intercourse!

Techniques To Control Premature Ejaculation Illustrated By An Attractive Couple

My treatment works -  and it's described in detail, with the aid of explicit but very tasteful photos which show you exactly how to get complete control over your ejaculation.

This is a simple training system which allows you to take more and more sexual stimulation without any danger of ejaculating too soon.

I don't use technical language, or complicate things with instructions you can't understand! The art of lasting longer in bed is made as simple and easy as possible. In fact, I actually show you how to use the techniques of ejaculation control with photos of Alex and Lisa.

They were two customers who used these very same techniques to improve their sex life. They were so thrilled with the result that they happily accepted my suggestion of modeling the techniques for other readers......

.....which makes it even easier for you to follow these instructions. You can enjoy sex with your partner and share the pleasure of trying the exercises with the help of my fully illustrated guide to lasting longer.

By the way, you can do many of these exercises with or without a partner, though the later stages of the exercises need the help of a partner.

All in all, this is an exciting, simple, and effective way to learn how to control your ejaculation and become a better lover.

This is the best way to recover the natural lovemaking ability that you were born with - and which you lost somewhere along the way.

Imagine making love with complete confidence about your ability to control your ejaculation - now that's the kind of man that women want in bed with them!

Enjoy Your Best Sex Ever - Right Now!

When you can last longer during sex with complete ejaculatory control, you can take your partner to the heights of sexual pleasure.

Many women can reach orgasm through vaginal intercourse provided it lasts long enough - but of course, as we have seen, most men ejaculate far too quickly for this to happen.

With the ability to make love for as long as you wish, you and your partner may find that suddenly she's able to reach new heights of sexual pleasure - including orgasm during intercourse.

If she does, then your own enjoyment of sex will increase many times over, for there's nothing more exciting that to make love to a women who reaches orgasm while you are still inside her.

The sensations of her vagina gripping your penis as she enjoys a massive orgasm is one of the finest sexual experiences you'll ever have - and when you allow yourself to cascade into your own orgasm as she comes, you'll both reach the peak of sexual ecstasy.

That experience in itself is worth many times the cost of this program! But....there's more!

Two Superb Free Gifts Make Sex Even Better
When You Invest In This Unique Treatment 

To thank you for joining this program, I have two fabulous free gifts for you when you join this site!

The first is a wonderful guide to sex positions in photographs, a tasteful yet explicit guide which will allow you to try out hundreds of thrilling new sexual positions - all of which will add fun and excitement to your sex life!


A Superb Guide To More Than 100 Exciting Sex Positions!

Having a whole variety of sex positions to try doesn't guarantee a great sex life, but it does add a lot of excitement to your love life. When you have a vast repertoire of sexual positions and techniques at your disposal, you can enjoy sex to the full, without being bored by the same old positions every time you get into bed. These explicit and tasteful photos feature an attractive couple who are in a permanent committed relationship, and whose joyous lovemaking shines out of every picture!


Come Together - The Secrets Of Simultaneous Orgasm!

Find out how you can experience this amazing sexual thrill whenever you want! My guide to simultaneous orgasm gives you a full set of instructions on how to come at the same time as your partner when you make love - a thrilling experience which makes sex much more rewarding and enjoyable! Even if you just experience this once in a lifetime, you'll know why men and women have tried for years to come together during sex!

These gifts are completely free to you when you join.

Join Now, Transform Your Sex Life
 And Make Love Last Longer!

Your right as a man is to make love for just as long as you want with complete ejaculatory control. When you join this site, you set yourself apart as a man who has the power to be a great lover, a man who aims for excellence in sex - and achieves it!

This cure for your ejaculation problem costs only $49.95

For a whole year's access to this website, with no rebills, and full access to any and all of the updates I may add during the year ahead, the charge is only $49.95. This gives you full access to the treatment method, an email helpline with unlimited availability, the wonderful free gifts and the confidence of knowing you're dealing with the oldest and most reliable website in the business of curing rapid ejaculation!

By the way, I never see your credit card details, as they remain secure with our credit card processor, - the oldest established and most trusted internet credit card processor. And I never, ever give out your email address under any circumstances. I will only contact you by email in response to your questions to me, and I never contact you by postal mail.

Do you want

  • To know how to control premature ejaculation? That is, to have absolute, total, 100% choice over when you ejaculate?

  • To know how to last longer in bed?

  • To be a truly great lover?

  • To take your partner to the heights of sexual pleasure during intercourse?

  • To have a fulfilled and sexually satisfied woman in bed alongside you? 

  • To stand out as a man who knows how to make love to a woman?

  • To stop quick ejaculation spoiling sex?

Yes? Then we have the answers. Join us now for the ride of your life - and get fantastic sex with complete ejaculatory control!


Go here to join now!


For assistance or information email:  rod"at" (please replace "at" with @ before using the address)










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